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ADDO is a Ballard based restaurant created by Chef Eric Rivera. He brings his knowledge of high-end and Puerto Rican cuisine to create a menu that is creatively his own.

ADDO Restaurant
ADDO is a Ballard-based restaurant that has been featured on Eater's Guide to the World on Netflix. The concept was created by Chef Eric Rivera who has been quite vocal about how the Seattle restaurant industry is run. He was also an R&D Chef at Alinea, so you know his food is going to be creative and delicious.

During pre-pandemic times, ADDO offered creative food and tasting menus. The menus ranged anywhere from $20 to $250 per person. Chef Eric aimed to make his cuisine accessible to just about everyone.

ADDO also has an online pantry where you can buy prepared meals and pantry items to stock up your kitchen. They also ship locally and nationwide.

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6420 24th Ave NW
Seattle, WA
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