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Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington

Spokane Travel Guide: A 3-Day Itinerary

Did you know that spending time outdoors improves your overall mental health? Well, if you’re headed to Spokane, Washington, get ready for a rush of endorphins!

Spokane offers some of the best outdoor (and indoor) sights and activities in Washington State. Whether it’s hiking, dining or shopping downtown, you’ll find something that makes you smile.

Planning a trip can be tricky, but having an itinerary makes travel simple. With our Spokane travel guide, we’ll show you how to spend three fun-filled days in the city.

If you’re interested in experiencing the best Spokane (and Washington State) has to offer, Fun Stuff WA is here to help.

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Day 1: Hiking, Dining and More

Sparkling water rushes by rocks at Riverside State Park (via KREM)

Hiking is a popular activity in Spokane. Many locals frequent the Dishman Hills Natural Area. You can choose from multiple routes that range in difficulty — take the one you’re most comfortable with!

Once you’re halfway up, you’ll reach Eagle Peak. This is a lovely spot to snap photos because it offers a wide view of Spokane and the Idaho Panhandle

But first, fuel up with breakfast! Frank’s Diner is a great place to grab some eggs and hashbrowns.

After hiking, your stomach’s probably grumbling again — it’s lunchtime! The Ambrosia Bistro and Wine Bar has an award-winning wine list and numerous meal options. Even if you prefer nonalcoholic beverages, the food never fails to amaze.

If you have enough energy for more hiking, visit the Spokane River Centennial Trail. With one end at the Idaho border and the other at Riverside State Park in Spokane, the trail stretches 40 miles. 

But if you decide you want to save more hiking for day two, relax at your hotel and rest up before heading out again. 

After freshening up, it’s time to shop. River Park Square is a convenient place to shop for snazzy clothing, boutique items and more. Plus, you’ll find an array of restaurants and an IMAX movie theater. 

For dinner, you can choose from a ton of options. Italia Trattoria serves classic Italian dishes, and Anthony’s and Clinkerdagger offer great river views. All three provide delightful culinary experiences. 

Once you’re full, you can take a stroll and explore on your own or visit the Spokane Comedy Club to catch a show before turning in for the night.

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Day 2: More Fresh Air, More Food

Colors dazzle during the Pavilion light show at Riverfront Park (via SpokaneTalk)

You’ll get more action-packed time outdoors on day two. But first — grab breakfast.

Head over to Madeleine’s Cafe & Patisserie to start your day off right with a fresh croissant and handcrafted coffee. Once you’re caffeinated and energized, drive east on I-90 to Mica Moon

At Mica Moon, you can take either a zip line or aerial park tour. Both are engaging and get your adrenaline pumping. Each tour lasts about three hours.

The zip line tour includes two hikes, eight treetop platforms and nine zip lines. The aerial park tour has a high-rise tight rope, wine barrel bridge, canoe bridge and tree platforms. 

After an exhilarating tour, you’ll need lunch (naturally). Liberty Lake is the perfect area to grab some food, with options like Pentagon Bistro & Martini Bar and Fieldhouse Pizza & Pub

The Liberty Lake Loop Trail is a gorgeous place to hike and explore. It takes about four hours to complete, which should round out your day’s outdoor excursions.

For dinner, you can opt for a slice at South Perry Pizza or a burger at WisconsinBurger. If you’re in the mood for dessert (and who’s not), Sweet Peaks Ice Cream dishes up delectable treats.

Before crashing for the night, check out the Pavilion light show at Riverfront Park. The park holds the light show on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Day 3: Nature, Relaxation and Art

Manito Park’s Japanese garden offers tranquil spaces (via KXLY)

It’s the last day of your trip, but our Spokane travel guide will show you the best way to spend it. For breakfast, stop at Molly’s Family Restaurant for waffles and omelets. 

Then, head over to the Spokane River. Wiley E. Waters Whitewater Rafting offers scenic and whitewater rafting adventures. These tours help you fully explore the majesty of Riverside State Park.

But if rafting isn’t your thing, Fun Unlimited provides stand-up paddleboarding on the Spokane River. You’ll meet its guides on the Centennial Trail, and they’ll get you ready to go with all the necessary gear.

If you have time to eat, The Flying Goat offers mouthwatering choices for a casual lunch (try the artisan pizza). When you’re done, you can nudge in a few more activities before departing Spokane.

First, you can walk along the breathtaking Spokane Falls — if you haven’t already seen the site. It’s the largest urban waterfall in the nation.

Second, you can stop by Manito Park, a lush 90-acre park with seven stunning gardens. These include a Renaissance-style garden and a Japanese garden.

Finally, you can visit Spokane’s beautiful cathedrals. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes dates back to 1903 and recently underwent renovation. If you love Gothic-style architecture, visit The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist to view the intricate detailing and stained glass windows.

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Get the Most Out of Your Spokane Getaway

It’s practically impossible to experience everything Spokane has to offer in three days, but you can still have an amazing trip. Our Spokane, Washington, travel guide gives you a fantastic outline of the city’s sights.

But a travel guide’s really just a blueprint. While in Spokane, you might discover new places to visit. Be adventurous, and swap activities as you please!

At Fun Stuff WA, we’re passionate about travel, and we want to help you explore every bit of Washington State. Check out our dining, city and activity guides for more tips and information. 

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