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Cool things to Do In Seattle

A friend of mine told me there were a lot of quirky, cool things to do in Seattle. He was right. I still remember my first visit to the city. What stood out most was the crisp clean air and all the amazing restaurants. Seattle is famous for several things, but today we’ll talk about the cool, unique things/ spots to see in the city. If you’re also looking for unique things to capture while visiting Seattle, we’ve curated this list for you.

 Top 6 unique spots to see

#1 Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee’s Grave

Bruce Lee’s grave is located at the Lake View Cemetery in Capitol Hill near Volunteer Park. You can access the gravesite by foot or car, but be sure to go early because the cemetery closes daily at 4PM.

#2 Statue of Jimi Hendrix

The Statue of Jimi Hendrix is located in Capitol Hill, Seattle Washington at 900 E. Pine Street (cross streets are Broadway & E Pine Street). Unveiled in 1997, the bronze statue shows Hendrix on his knees playing on his guitar. The statue was created by local artist Daryl Smith based on photos from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. A particularly awesome spot if you’re really into music!

statue of jimi hendrix in seattle washington#3 Statue of Chris Cornell

The Chris Cornell status is located on the east side entrance of the MoPOP museum (325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109). The statue is a tribute to the late Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave. chris-cornell-statue at mopop museum See also: Best 3 day Seattle Itinerary 7 weekend trips for your Washington State vacations

#4 The Fremont Troll

The Fremont Troll is aptly located under a bridge at the N. 36th Street at Troll Avenue N., just under the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge (AKA Aurora Bridge or 99 Fwy). The idea of the 18-foot tall troll arose when the the city asked the Fremont Arts Council to launched an art competition in 1989 to rehabilitate the area under the bridge. The area had become a dumping ground for drug dealers. Sculptor Steve Badanes won the competition and was inspired by the folktale Billy Goat’s Gruff. This cool-unique troll structure is made from rebar steel, wire and 2 tons of ferroconcrete, and a shiny metal eye. Especially, check beneath the Troll’s left hand, you can see him crushing a Volkswagen Beetle, which was a time capsule for Elvis Memorabilia for a while until it was vandalized. It’s not only a piece of the city’s weird history, it’s a pretty cool thing to see in Seattle. Enjoy all of what the Fremont neighborhood has to offer! fremont troll statue

#5 The Seattle Gum Wall

The Seattle Gum Wall (or Mark Theater Gum Wall) began the tradition in 1993. Visitors would stick their chewed-up gum onto the brick wall. In 2015, the Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority announced the gum wall would be receiving a total scrub down. Maintenance and steam cleaning was done to prevent further erosion of the bricks from the sugar. The work started on November 10th and took 130 hours to complete. Over 2,350 pounds of gum was removed and disposed of. After they finished cleaning the wall on November 13th, visitors began to re-add it until it eventually returned to it’s “normal” state. Seattle Gum Wall

#6 Giant Popsicle Statue

The 17-foot steel and epoxy dessert is located on the corner of Fourth and Blanchard in downtown Seattle. Does the name Martin Selig rings any bell? He built Seattle’s most notable skyscrapers, including our tallest 76-story Columbia Center which has the tallest 360 views of Seattle. The popsicle was created by Catherine Mayer. She’s the creator of art installations for corporations and foundations across the Greater Seattle area. I’ve seen it and it’s quite unique! popsicle statue If you found our list of cool things to see in Seattle helpful, please follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and more. Additionally, feel free to tag us on your pictures if you visit any of these cool spots in Seattle. If you have time and you’re feeling adventurous and you’re an outdoor lover you might want to check our guide on best places to go paddle boarding in Seattle.