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Where to Buy Fresh Pasta in Seattle

Pasta is a favorite food because it’s inexpensive, versatile, and can be covered in different sauces. With pasta, the possibilities are endless! In this blog, we’ll discuss 6 recommendations on where to buy fresh pasta in Seattle. There are, however, a lot more.

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Interested in creating your own pasta dishes at home? We undoubtedly recommend buying pasta from the following vendors.

Pasta places recommendations

#1 La Pasta

La Pasta has stores located in Queen Anne and Wedgewood. They offer a huge variety of fresh pasta. In other words, choose from squid ink linguine, rainbow pasta, spaghetti, and more.

Visit the La Pasta Facebook page for more information.

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#2 Pappardelle’s

Papparadelle’s sells dry and frozen-fresh pasta. They offer delicious ravioli, spaghetti, sauces, and more. For instance, you can purchase their pasta online or at locations across the nation. They typically sell products at farmer’s markets or through independent grocery stores. Above all, they put a lot of attention to detail and quality. Be sure to check them out!

If you’re in Pike Place, check out the Papparadelle’s stand.

#3 Pasta & Co

Pasta & Co is a restaurant described as “gourmet take-out and food shops”. For instance, they’re ready-to-eat-or-heat foods are a must try.

They have two stores, one located in Bellevue and the other in University Way. They are dedicated to keeping their foods pure. Hence they have no artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, and colors.

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#4 Pasta Casalinga

Also located in Pike Place Market. Pasta Casalinga serves its delicious pasta dishes in the heart of the market. You can also sign-up for cooking classes. If it’s more convenient for you, order the ingredients and prepare your own pasta dishes at home.

In particular, the last option is great for those who want to avoid crowded places.

#5 Addo

Addo is a restaurant and pantry located in Ballard. You may recognize them for the Netflix series “Eater’s Guide to the World.”

Chef Eric Rivera has been making homemade dry pasta throughout the pandemic. Furthermore, he sells pasta sauces, meats, and a variety of creative Puerto Rican fusion dishes. Shipping is available nationwide.

#6 Pasteria Lucchese

Pasteria Lucchese sells their pastas at the Ballard farmer’s markets and online. Choose from ravioli, cavatelli, saffron tagliolini, linguine, and more. They also offer sauces and meal kits that you can make at home.

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To sum up, these are some of our top 6 places where you can buy fresh pasta in Seattle. Let us know in the comments if you’d add some more.

Also, we want to give you a recommendation on Women Owned Restaurants in Seattle. Feel free to check them out and support if you can!

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