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U-Pick Blueberries: Washington State Farms

Did you know that Washington state is the largest producer of blueberries across the United States? That means you have quite a few places to visit that offer fresh, organic, and delicious blueberries. Today we’ll go trough a list of u-pick blueberries farms in Washington State.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a great weekend activity with friends and family, there are many blueberry farms where you can pick your own berries! 

Not only is it a fun experience to u-pick blueberries, but you’ll also leave the farm with freshly grown Washington delicacies. 

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands a little dirty, poking through all the various blueberry plants, and watching your container fill up. At u-pick blueberry farms in Washington, you’ll be able to literally pick and choose the best blueberries you can find. 

One thing to note is that you may want to call the u-pick blueberry farms on our list in advance to ensure they’re open for picking. 

When is blueberry picking season in Washington?

Blueberry season in Washington is from late June through September. Plan for beautiful weather, and a lot of fun!  

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The Best Blueberry Picking Washington Offers

If you’re looking for the best u-pick blueberries Washington state has to offer, start here.

Henna Blueberry Farm

Henna Blueberry Farm
Photo from Henna Blueberry Farm

Henna Blueberry Farm is a 15-acre u-pick blueberry farm located about 30 minutes from Seattle and 20 minutes from Redmond. Nestled in the Snoqualmie River Valley, blueberries enjoy a fertile space to grow. 

A family-owned farm, Henna Blueberry Farm has been raising blueberries since 2002, after falling in love with the summer experience of u-pick blueberry farms throughout Washington. 

The Henna Blueberry Farm grows the Duke, Reka, and Draper varieties of blueberries. 

Henna Blueberry Farm

Address: 32500 60th Street NE, Carnation, WA 98014

Phone: (425) 806-2751

Bybee Farms

Just two miles from North Bend, Bybee Farms offers a u-pick blueberry experience right at the base of Mount Si. You’ll surely enjoy picking blueberries with a beautiful mountain as your backdrop. 

Also, watch for mountain goats as you enjoy a packed lunch surrounded by blueberry bushes and nature. 

Moreover, you can even hold weddings and events at the farm’s outdoor venue. 

Bybee Farms

Address: 42930 SE 92nd St, North Bend, WA 98045

Phone: (425) 444-8175

Mountainview Blueberry Farm

Found settled against a hillside in the Snohomish River Valley, Mountainview Blueberry Farm brings together history, natural beauty, and, of course, delicious u-pick blueberries. 

The farm has a long history of serving the local Washington community, as it was founded shortly after World War II. 

On cloudless days, Mount Baker is visible around the area. 

And, on the farm’s nine acres of blueberry bushes, you can find varieties that are unique to the location. Several types of blueberries have been passed down from generations of blueberry farming. 

Mountainview Blueberry Farm 

Address: 7617 E Lowell-Larimer Rd, Snohomish, WA 98296

Phone: (360) 668-3391

Carr’s Organic Blueberry Farm 

Carr’s Organic Blueberry Farm has been certified organic since 1994. 

A family-owned and -operated u-pick blueberry farm, Carr’s offers heritage varieties of blueberries. 

The idyllic farm is surrounded by trees, rows of blueberry bushes, and local wildlife. 

Perfect for a meditative weekend away, Carr’s Organic Blueberry Farm will leave you with a clear mind — and a bundle of blueberries. 

Carr’s Organic Blueberry Farm

Address: 2319 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA 98506

Phone: (360) 352-3622

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