tulip flower fields in mount vernon washington state

In Washington state, you can catch not one but three flower fields. We’ll tell you which ones you can visit and when.

Tulip Farm in Washington State

Once a year in April, you can visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
tulip fields in the Roozegarden. You won’t be able to go between the aisles, but you’re more than welcome to peruse the perimeter all day long.

They also have a barn house with lots of activities for kids and the entire family.

Sunflower Farms in Washington State

If you love sunflowers, you’re in luck! Washington has multiple sunflower fields you can visit. The fields are most active between September and October.

Here are a few sunflower farms you can check out:

blooming sunflower fields

Lavender Farms in Washington State

lavender flower fields

There are also plenty of lavender farms in Washington.

Check out these lavender farms:

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